Pre-Move Services for Seniors

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Move Services for Seniors


A move to a new home always begins with a decision. Sometimes the decision is pro-active and sometimes the decision is made because of a health concern, but there is a moment in time when a senior recognizes that he or she must leave their current home for somewhere new.

For senior adults, that move nearly always involves going to a place with less square footage than they currently have. Instead of looking at it like they are “losing” something; I like to refer to it as “rightsizing.”

I offer a senior much more than help packing. I help the senior and their family to emotionally, physically, and practically manage their move. I consult with the senior’s family — whether they are local or live at a distance to ensure that the family is as involved as they need and want to be.

Pre-Move Services Include:

  • Creating a comprehensive Moving Plan
  • Organizing paperwork and moving details
  • Working with senior to make choices on what to do with possessions
  • Identify what to keep, what to give away, and what to throw away in an orderly and detailed manner
  • Help the senior emotionally with the challenges of the move
  • Customize new home floor plans
  • Arrange estate sales, donations, and removal of unwanted items
  • Prepare a photographic inventory of items stored, sold, or given away
  • Arrange shipments and storage
  • Transfer utilities (phone, cable, etc.) and change bills or subscriptions
  • Oversee packing the home
  • Assist in finding reputable movers


Having Moving Solutions for Seniors help you prepare for the move using our detailed process will cover all bases while making the experience less stressful for everyone involved. Families can focus on one another and worry less about details that have the potential to cause dissension.


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