Testimonials for Our Moving Services for Seniors

moving services for seniorsCustomer Testimonials for Our Moving Services for Seniors

Condo Clean Out

“So glad to have found your services. Coming out of province to clean out my mother in laws condo was overwhelming. Your one stop service covered all our needs. Having you knowing the different resources in town and managing it all for us was a wonderful relief.”

Carol Hickman

Short Notice Move

It is now over a month since we moved to our new home. I can’t begin to tell you how Moving Solutions For Seniors made our move a real pleasure. Our home sold in 5 days and since we had only a very short time to re-locate, Moving Solutions for Seniors came to our rescue almost the next day, arriving on the scene with large packing boxes, paper, and a staff who knew exactly how to organize everything. We had been in our home 10 years, moved only twice since arriving in Kelowna so had accumulated a great deal. We wanted to give away many things to charities and you helped us with that, along with transporting anything that we no longer needed. Paula came every day and was so helpful and cheerful. Since our suite was vacant, you measured the rooms and helped us to fit in all our furniture. Our moving day, we left our home at 8 a.m. and arrived at our new home at 4 p.m. We couldn’t believe what a wonderful job they had done. Every piece of furniture was in place, everything was unpacked, beds made, food in the frig and freezer, every ornament and book in place and some pictures already hanging. The bouquets of tulips were lovely; there was not a box or scrap of paper anywhere. They came back the next day to help us hang the rest of the pictures. Thank you and your wonderful staff for making our move so pleasant.

Jack and Grace Mighton

Missionwood Move

Paula, My wife, Irene Claggett and I would like to thank you for sending us a beautiful plant last week. We have lived at Missionwood for just over a month and are beginning to settle in. It certainly is a lifestyle change for us.

We want to express our thanks and appreciation for all of your assistance with our move from 1020 Lanfranco to Missionwood in Kelowna. While it was the most difficult move either of us has experienced because of radical downsizing, you and your colleagues did a fantastic job in preparing for, and carrying out the move. It’s amazing how much “stuff” one accumulates over the years. Your professionalism and expertise were certainly noted throughout the moving process, hastened somewhat when our townhouse sold in one day.

Moving day was something else. In less than an hour and a half, the furniture, clothing and personal effects were gone, leaving Irene and me to tidy up the house. Less than six hours later, the telephone rang and we were informed that our new apartment at Missionwood was now ready. We were totally amazed upon our arrival to see the apartment totally furnished, cupboards filled, TV music playing, computer set up and everything in sparkling order. Not an empty cardboard box to be seen. We have never experienced such a service. Paula, your company, and their professionalism is special. We cannot thank you enough.

Needless to say, we rave about your Moving Solutions service to one and all.

Thanks again,
Irene and Fred

Irene Claggett and Fred Glynn