Sep, 2012

Senior Downsizing: The Best Case Senario

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senior downsizing

Senior downsizing is best done early.  Moving when you want to not when you have to is always the best case scenario. Why, because moving while you are still in charge, helps your well being in many ways. You can direct where you want to go, take the things you treasure with you and decide where the rest will go. Waiting too long can have dreadful consequences.

A Senior Downsizing: Noreen

Take Noreen, she had broken her hip and was convalescing but couldn’t regain her good health. She decided to make the move to a retirement community of her choice. She chose what she would take and what she would give to her family and to charity. She took hold of her own destiny. Senior downsizing  reality was one she wanted to face while she was still in charge.

A Senior Downsizing: Gladys

Gladys was strong minded and determined to make her own decisions. Her health deteriorated but kept on doing life the way she liked it. When she was hospitalized her family made decisions for her and she was no longer in control. She was no longer physically or mentally able and her things were dispersed without any input from her. She had waited too long to put her things in order!

Senior Downsizing

It is best to take a good hard look at your situation now and decide when you want to move, what you want to move and where you move to. This way you are setting the dates and are in control. Write it down as a goal. It isn’t easy but once you decide to do it the pressure is off. Here are some questions to ask yourself:

Senior Downsizing Quiz

1. What is my physical condition?

1 excellent    2 pretty good for my age    3 seen better days

2. What is my mental condition?

1 excellent  2 pretty good for my age  3 many senior moments  4 losing ground fast

3. Do I have children in the area? How do they feel about my living situation?

4. Is my space too large for me at this stage of my life? Have I lived in this residence too long?

5. Would I like to move into a smaller space or make my space rightsized to only the things I need and treasure?

6. Do I have help available (family, friends etc) to make things happen?

7. Where would I move if I had the choice?

8. Is Senior downsizing help available from a senior move manager in your area?

If you are toying with the idea of making a change you can start today! You can think, sort and talk about it. Talk to others who have already made a move or decluttered their home. How did they go about it? How do they like the changes they have made?  Bring up the topic of senior downsizing before you have to.

Check out senior living complexes in your area. Talk to the management to find out prices and what services they offer. Check all the options so you can make wise choices. Take charge of your own future while you are well and able.

If you want to stay in your own home that’s okay but to have rightsized and decluttered the things that don’t matter to you will give you a lighter and more peaceful future.

Give yourself time to sort things out and make your plans. Remember to take an action in some way to start the process. Don’t put it off until it is too late. Be proactive now. YOU CAN DO IT!

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