Declutter Time? 6 Questions to Ask Yourself

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A New Year! Begin 2014 with a plan to declutter a closet, a room, your home!!

Declutter is a buzz word we hear a lot these days.  What does this really mean?

Declutter is defined as removing unnecessary or unused items.

The amount of stuff we can accumulate over the years can make our space fill up to the point of feeling cluttered.   When you declutter the rooms in your home it will make you feel lighter and free to enjoy your space.

As you begin to declutter each room ask these questions about your stuff:

  • How little can I get by with and still be comfortable?
  • Which of the items I own now are really important to me?
  • Are these items beautiful, useful, or functional at this present time?
  • Are the items loved or am I keeping them out of habit?
  • Are they easy to care for or do they require special attention?
  • Are the items appropriate for my stage of life or physical condition?

You will surprise yourself if you remain totally honest in answering these questions as you declutter.  You will see a lot of your stuff is not necessary for the present time.  Saying goodbye to things of the past that are not useful or loved now will open your space up.  It will also give you a new vision for the future knowing that you have kept only your most precious possessions.  Declutter will become your buzz word as you share with your friends how good you feel about what you have done. 

All the Best to you for 2014!

Fran  –  Move lady

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