Made My New Space A Home

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Thank you for working with me.  Your input, design ideas and designing the floor plan were greatly appreciated.  Moving from my house to a smaller suite demanded major downsizing, not always easy.  Each time you (Paula), Belinda, Jody and Lisa were at my house I felt energized that this move was possible.  You have very special ladies working with you.

Paula, you and your team are exceptional in reassuring your clients, through example, that a move can be completed with calmness and patience.  The professionalism, plus understanding shown, was a special gift.  I have shared with various friends, your company, plus the good working relationship you have with clients.  Most had not heard of this service and were so glad to know about it.

Coming into my new abode that evening was both suspenseful and exciting.  My new place was complete, with artwork exactly where I had hoped or better, and everything set up in an elegant and comfortable manner.  I realize that the hard work and thoughtfulness of each of you in those few hours made my new space a home! That evening we all were so delighted and pleased, exploring my beautiful new home.

Please share with everyone involved how pleased I am – from the first day to the completion of the move.  I couldn’t have managed without your professional service, plus the understanding that your clients are making major lifestyle changes.

With sincere thanks,


PS:  I loved the service so much I had them move me again six month later, into a bigger suite … another great experience …