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moving services for seniors

Moving Services for Seniors

Moving Services For Seniors

stress free moving for seniorsMy name is Paula Fiander and my clients call me the Move Lady.   As my parents got older I had the task of helping them clean out their 2900 sq. ft. home, with two barns, and downsize their furniture and contents to fit a smaller 1000 sq. ft. home in a retirement community.

It wasn’t an easy task and, even though I am organized, I realized it was as emotionally draining experience.  It was then that I wondered what my parents would have done if I had not been able to take time off work to help them.  This is where Moving Solutions for Seniors was born.  We help seniors and their families with all aspects of the moving process.

Senior parents and their adult children groan when they think of the daunting task of these moves. As a senior, you must part with decades of belongings that have memories attached to them.  Growing up in the depression era often made them great savers and letting go of things can be difficult.

This is where our business comes in.  We know that often the adult children can’t take the time off to go through a seniors home and help them prepare for a move. Our Kelowna based senior move specialists can help you in a move to, from or around the Okanagan valley.


Our Kelowna Team Can Help With Emotional Decisions

Moving Solutions for Seniors is trained to help elders through the emotional part of moving. We can help your parents with the object-by-object decision making, and help them get through this emotional and  painful process.


Moving Help for Seniors

Moving Solutions for Seniors can help you choose what is really important in life and set up your new home with the things you love. We can find your treasured memories that might be currently lost in the clutter of your current home.  Relocation or right-sizing doesn’t mean you have to give up the things you love in your home.

Kelowna MoveOur moving services for seniors can  help you with:

  • Sort/Downsize
  • Floor Plan Design for new home
  • Packing Services
  • Manage Moving Process
  • Unpack/Setup your new home
  • Post-move clean-out services

Imagine walking into your new home and it is all set-up.  Your pictures are hung, your clothes are in the closet, your bed is made and all your furniture is its new locations.  We can do it all for you.


We Are Senior Relocation Specialists


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