All Inclusive Concierge

All Inclusive Concierge Package

Our greatest joy is to see a senior and his or her family come through the process of moving with a sense of excitement and peace. We know how difficult a big decision, like a move, can be. Especially if there are other factors involved.

We have a strong passion to see seniors and their families manage the transition in emotionally healthy ways. Our experience has enabled us to develop a process that will cover the practical details thoroughly.

Our All Inclusive Concierge Package covers all of the details included in the Pre-Move, Moving Day, and Post-Move Services plans. It is a comprehensive way to ensure that from the moment the decision to move is made through to the handing over of the old home’s keys — you’ve got a partner with you every step of the way.

There is a great peace in knowing the senior will be able to walk into his or her new home and things will already be comfortably in place. You’d be surprised that something as special as having the bed all made and ready to climb into for a good night’s sleep will make a big difference.

Moving Solutions for Seniors makes moving easier on everyone. Contact Fran today to discuss how to make your move, or your elderly loved one’s move, a positive one.

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