Apr, 2011

Un-junking the Junk Drawer

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Nearly everyone has a junk drawer. You know, that place in your house that has become a catch-all for the things that seem to appear from nowhere and have no other home in your house. Loose change, batteries, pizza coupons (probably expired), runaway marbles from your grandkids’ stash – the possibilities of what your junk drawer contains are endless.

When you are in a rush to tidy up, the junk drawer comes in handy. You hide things there, intending to get back to them later. Well, it is time for “later”! Cleaning out the junk drawer is a feel-good activity and you will be surprised at the sense of accomplishment you’ll have when you get it done. Here are some suggestions for tackling your junk drawer:

  1. Think of it as an adventure. For months you’ve been dropping things in there and forgetting about them. It will be exciting to come across some of those things again. You might even find enough loose change to get a pizza.
  2. Take the junk drawer out of its place in the cupboard. Carry it to your living room, put on a good movie, and clean it out while you watch. If you keep the drawer in its place while you clean it, you’ll be tempted to just shut it and walk away, leaving the task undone.
  3. Have a garbage bag handy and use it! As you go through the drawer, if you don’t know what something is – throw it out. If you have no use for something – throw it out. It is called a junk drawer for a reason… it mostly contains junk. So be tough on the stuff you find.
  4. Move those things that have found their way to your junk drawer, but have another place of belonging in your house. Don’t let them hide in the junk drawer – put them away.
  5. Before you begin cleaning your junk drawer, visit the dollar store and pick up some organizational sectionals. Once your drawer is empty, wipe it clean and put the sectionals in. Put those things that need to go back into the drawer in a tidy new spot.

Repeat this process a couple of times a year. The good feeling you’ll have from such a small organizational task will lift your spirits. When you are done, give yourself a pat on the back because you’ll have first-hand proof that you can tackle clutter – one small space at a time.

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