Jun, 2012

4 Tips When Moving To A Smaller Space

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One of the most difficult parts of relocating to a smaller space is letting go of the much-loved home that you’ve spent many years enjoying and making memories in!   The things collected over the years that fill that home simply cannot all go with you.  As you look around, everything you see seems precious.  What do you do?
As you begin the process of rightsizing for your smaller space, keep these tips in mind.

  1. Determine what furniture can realistically fit into the new square footage.
  2. Choose your very favourite sentimental items and accent items that can make the new space yours.  Remember: less is better.
  3. Be practical – Only take a few favourites of your holiday décor, pictures, books and magazines.  These types of things take up a lot of space.
  4. Be realistic – Storage will be limited.  How many jackets will you need?  How many towels?

Keep reminding yourself, “I can do this.”  You will be so pleased at the end result once you are adjusted and settled in.

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