Sep, 2012

Floor Plan: A Helpful Tip for Moving to a Smaller Space

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Floor Plan Tip from the Desk of a Senior Move Manager:

Full Size Floor PlanOnce you have chosen your new space to move to, you must decide what furniture is going with you and creating a floor plan is a great way to help you do it.  Using your new floor plan, pencil in the pieces you would like to take and where you would like them placed. Make sure you don’t take so much that your rooms will be cluttered.

With today’s computer programs you can create a floor plan easily, just map out your space and place your furniture where you choose. Or, you could simply use graph paper for creating your floor plan, drawing your rooms and placing your furniture to scale.

If the new space is empty and available for you to go into – here is a hands-on way to get a true visual full size floor plan and a reality check.  I use this method in my work, as I find it helps my client to actually see how it will look when placed.

Full Size Floor Plan

  1. Take a measuring tape and measure each piece of furniture you want to take – its length and width.
  2.  Go over to the new space with: measuring tape, masking tape or painter’s tape, scissors, sheets of paper or sticky notes
  3. Go through each room taping to the floor or carpet (not to worry the painter’s tape peels off easily and does no harm) the length and width of each piece of furniture where you would prefer it to be placed.  Creating a visual full size floor plan.
  4. Write on the paper the name of the piece of furniture and place it in the taped space.
  5. When you have completed the task, take your time and visualize your space now, adjusting the taping of an imagined piece, if needed, to a better spot or removing it all together.  You might discover you even have room for a piece you thought you couldn’t bring!
  6. Leaving the tape or at least the papers identifying what is to be placed where for move in day will assist in the placement of each piece as the movers bring it in.

One of my clients was sure her china cabinet would take up too much space.  She really wished to take it and was feeling down about it not going.  I took the measurements created a floor plan and did the taping for her in her new space.  She was delighted to see that it fit in lovely without looking cluttered.

 Happy Measuring!



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