Oct, 2012

6 Helpful Hints When Working with Movers

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Movers arrive –  walk thru the rooms with them showing what is to go (tag with green post its -the items going, if some furniture is being left behind)

  1. Stay clear of the actual moving and give the movers the space they need.
  2. Leave when the movers leave if you are just going across town to your new space so you are present when the movers unload.  This gives you the opportunity to tell them where to place the furniture according to the floor plan you created.
  3. Have the movers place the boxes in the rooms that have been previously marked on the boxes.
  4. Unpack the fridge food and other kitchen items as the boxes arrive.  The kitchen is a safe place to be as the movers begin.
  5. Make sure that the movers set up the beds.  Making your bed is one of your top priorities so it will be ready when you are ready to drop!!
  6. Be prepared to pay the movers when they have completed their work.  Most movers do expect to be paid when their job is completed.

Just a Thought to Consider:   A Senior Move Manager can take care of all this for you!  Take the day off with friends or family and come home to the work all done!

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