5 Key Things A Senior Move Manager Can Do For You

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Senior Move Management is a relatively new service in Canada, but south of the border this service has been growing steadily for the past 20 years.  The reason is simple.  For seniors, the very thought of downsizing and relocating to a smaller home is quite an overwhelming task.  For an “adult child” that does not live close to his or her parent(s), helping can be problematic.  So much so, that the decision is often postponed until a later date or indeed when a fall or accident necessitates a swift move without a lot of planning.


Whether you are a caregiver, the child of a senior, or a senior yourself, a Senior Move Manager can help take the worry and stress away from making a transition to the new location.

Usually, first visit with potential clients is  complimentary, assessing the needs of the client and outlining the service. 

Here are five key things that a Senior Move Manager will do for you:

1)Help you decide the most appropriate pieces of furniture to bring and provide you with a detailed floor plan of your new home.

2) Work with you on the “sorting process” and help you decide what to keep, what to sell or give away.  This can be a very difficult process emotionally, but a most important part of letting go with the old and preparing for the new.

3) Arrange for sale of items not going to the new home through an antique specialist, by putting them on consignment or arranging for a content sale.  Remaining items will be recycled to a worthy charity.

4) Assist with all the little details, such as change of address, cable, telephone and utilities.

5) When it comes time for the actual move, your senior move manager will book elevators; arrange for a reputable mover to pack and make the move; unpack and set everything up for you to start your new life in your new place.

 A transition to a new location is as much emotional as it is physical, especially in the golden years. 

Moving can be tough on seniors for a number of reasons. 

  • They may leave a home of 40 years and have to leave possessions behind.
  • Family issues can be complex.  Being an objective third party coming in can ease tension that may exist. 
  • In some cases, the senior doesn’t have the physical energy or the psychological stamina to face a move without a lot of support.


Hiring a Senior Move Manager is a smart move.  It’s a great way to reduce worry and stress from downsizing with or without family help to a new location.


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