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Lighten up book e-book seniors movingIt is time to Lighten Up! 

For the” Do It Yourself” folk out there –  you might like to seriously consider my help with the use of my step by step ebook “Lighten Up

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In 2012, Statistics Canada reported that there are nearly five million senior-aged people in
Canada. In the US, this number is an astronomical forty-eight million. The older seniors in this
group have experienced an economy affected by at least one War and the time of the Great
Depression. Their homes were more often than not modest, and they grew up understanding the
need to conserve. However, since the time this population were youngsters, home sizes have
increased more than three times. Debt has accrued far beyond what people are able to pay, and
everyone owns more stuff than ever before.

Now, as senior-aged adults, most of these people have accumulated a lifetime of stuff and have
bigger homes that they’ve kept it in over the years.  As this group continues to age, a few things will happen:

• They will be faced with the health challenges associated with aging.
• As they retire, many will find the need to move to a smaller home or apartment.
• As the older group passes away, family and relatives will have to determine what to do with
their possessions.

Those who will find “Lighten Up” helpful, will possibly  fall into one of two categories:
1. You are a senior who needs to downsize and are looking for a guide or assistance in how to
approach it.
2. You are the adult child of a senior and, as you face having to help your parent downsize, you
need a guide or assistance in how to approach it.

Either way, this guide is for you.
When we refer to downsizing in “Lighten Up”, we mean the process of going through your
things and purging them so you end up with those things that matter the most and are most
useful to you as you enter this next phase of life: senior adulthood.
You might be going through your home because a move is imminent or perhaps you are looking
to clear out your things for the “someday” that will come. There are a few different strategies,
depending on which situation is yours, and we will highlight those as we move through the


I can say with confidence the time to start downsizing is NOW.
Too often, families know in their heads that they should begin the process of cleaning out the
family home because someday Mom and/or Dad will have to move, but they wait until the
situation is forced before taking any action.
Waiting until there is a health crisis or an accident to begin downsizing a home places a heap of
additional emotional stress on the process that can be avoided by beginning on your timetable.
The speed of the move is a factor that will impact how things are handled and the direction of
the choices made. It is possible you find yourself in an emergency situation now, with no choice
but to pack up and go, and so you already know what I am saying by referring to this added
weight on your shoulders. 

It is time to Lighten Up!

For the” Do It Yourself” folk out there you might like to seriously consider my help with the use of  my step by step ebook “Lighten Up”

Check out how to purchase “Lighten Up” on my website


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