8 Signs of Aging to Pay Attention To

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What should you do if you or your children begin to notice some serious signs of aging?

We all must think about the future, by doing so, we will be better prepared for what could possibly lie ahead.

Keeping tabs on signs could help to see that at some future date you may need some assistance on a daily basis or need to consider moving to a smaller space.

Watching for the followings signs could help you and your family not to be caught by surprise:

  • Declining mobility
  • Vision problems
  • Serious Hearing Loss
  • Easily confused
  • Fatigue
  • Change in appetite or not eating well
  • Wanting to isolate oneself
  • Having depression or increased anxiety

Remember:  Don’t wait to deal with serious signs until a moment of crisis.  By paying attention you will be able, with your family, to objectively determine if these behaviors are happening infrequently and therefore not really troubling, or if they are getting worse and may need intervention.


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