Treasure or Junk?

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Whatever situation we find ourselves in whether it is rightsizing or cleaning out your family home, you may come across items that could be considered treasure or just old junk.  Many times when cleaning out a home of several years an unexpected treasure may be found.  Without proper knowledge things can be tossed in the junk pile that could be priceless.

Items of sentimental value are priceless because of the many years or emotional connection to them.  These items that carry special meaning to a family member should be set aside.  Choose the ones that will be present in your home not stuffed away in a box or a basement corner.  We can get too sentimental and end up with too many keepers.

Items that have monetary value usually fit under three categories:  Antiques, Vintage, and Collectibles.

–        Antique refers to an item that is at least one hundred years old

–        Vintage describes older items that are not yet one hundred years old.  Generally, vintage items are found in antique stores and are considered collectibles.  Vintage pieces are original to the period that produced them and not reproductions.

–        Collectible refers to anything people collect, usually older items on their way to becoming antique

Considering a professional appraiser for these types of items is the route to go.  If you have items of value the appraiser will always pay for itself.  By taking an item straight to a dealer and not knowing its value usually you take what the dealer offers which could be considerably less than it could be worth.

Realistically, we must remember something is worth only what someone will give for it.  Knowledge of its worth is key in dealing with the treasures you find.  Whether you have the time or interest to research yourself or hire a professional appraiser-be aware.

 My Mom had a beautiful lamp that had been passed down.  As the family visited over the years we would hear the story of how valuable the lamp was.  My brother was to inherit the lamp when mom passed on.  When the day came for my brother to have the lamp he noticed that the cord had been replaced.  Apparently, my mother replaced the old cord with a new one not knowing the importance of keeping the original.  The lamp’s original value had been lost!


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