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What a great time to RECYCLE  and GO GREEN with Saint Patrick’s Day nearly here!

When rightsizing your home or preparing to move to a smaller space, the word recycle must come to mind!   Being the responsible citizens we are it is only fair to assume this word recycle will be foremost in everyone’s mind.

Whenever possible, during the process of downsizing, the recycle bag or box should be utilized.  It is wise to check your region’s waste reduction office to be clear on what items you can recycle to their plant. 

When rightsizing there is always bound to be excess paper hanging about the home.  Why do we still have our hydro bills neatly filed away from 1999? RECYCLE!  Or how about those magazines we have collected thinking they may be worth something one day? (Check it out just in case – you might have been right!) RECYCLE!  Ladies how many recipes or recipe books do we really need to keep especially now with the computer at our fingertips?RECYCLE!


Here are some Samples of items that you can recycle instead of tossing into the regular garbage:

newspapers, magazines, catalogues, phone books,

plastic shopping bags (today I recycled for a client every plastic bag she must have saved for the last 2 years!)

all those plastic yogurt or margarine containers you accumulated  just in case you have some leftovers (sure 4 or 5 are okay to keep but 25?  Really?)

Note: You can not recycle stryofoam or glass in most areas.

So take time to recycle.  It makes you feel good when you can do something good for the our wonderful environment.

 Be sure to shred all personal paperwork.  Identity Theft is a serious crime with estimates in the millions  being victimized each year.  It’s a little extra step but it’s worth it in the long run.  Sometimes shredded documents are not recyclable.  Check with your recycling company to be sure.

By the way, if you have years of personal papers, there are shredding companies in most areas that have mobile trucks which could easily be making stops in your area.  Check your local listings.  You may be happy you did! 

Have a great St Paddy’s Day and think recycle as you GO GREEN!!



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