Tips on How to Get a Start

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If you are toying with the idea of making a change, you can start today.  You can think, sort, and talk about it.

Take time to do some serious research.

Start by following through on these tips:

  • Start talking to your friends who have already made a move.
  • Do they like where they are?
  • What do they like best, least?
  • Would they move there again if they could do it over?
  • Are they the types of people who won’t be happy anywhere?
  • Weigh the opinions you get from others, but also weigh the information you get from the admissions/rental people.
  • Start watching for ads in the newspaper or check the phone book for places that have the services you need/want.
  • Schedule a visit and find out as much about them as possible.
  • Eat a meal in the dining room.
  • Start checking out the various living arrangements.
  • Does the place you want have vacancies or must you put your name on a waiting list?  This will give some idea how long you have to get things in order for a move.
  • Do you have to put a deposit down to hold the space you want?  Is it refundable?

It might take three to four months to sort things out and get ready for a move.  With help you might be able to do it faster, but you want to start as soon as possible—even if you have a move date established.

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