Avoid Long Term Storage

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One of our senior move managers recently put
80 boxes into storage for a client preparing to
move to a smaller space. 80!
Another client once asked me to go to a storage
unit she had to clean out. She had not been to
the unit for seven years and couldn’t even
remember what was in it. She had paid a
monthly fee for “stuff” she thought she would
deal with at a later date. The money she had
spent through those years could have easily
replaced the “stuff” she had kept 10 times over!
Calculating that monthly cost was astounding!
Storage units can be a great benefit if you have a definite purpose.

Chris’ daughter had chosen things from her mom’s house that she wanted to keep. Her mom was rightsizing into a smaller
space. Her daughter lived a distance away and wouldn’t be able to pick it up for a while.
Packing and storing these items in a unit for two months was a wise choice for Chris as she
could not take it to her smaller space and needed to buy time for her daughter to arrive.
If you don’t have a purpose for a storage unit other than, “I just don’t want to throw it
away,” you will be wasting your valuable money.
As you select your new home with a smaller space, be sure and check out what possible storage space you have.
Measure that space and place some shelving into it to help you to store your Christmas décor
etc. out of sight. But beware: your storage area will fill up very fast! Don’t hang onto too much
stuff as you downsize your current home.


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