Where To Move?

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 There are lots of factors to consider in deciding where you should MOVE

  • What services do you need?
  • How much can you afford? 
  • What is available in your community?
  • Should you stay in your current area or move closer to your children/family?

  Think about these questions and talk to your family and friends.  When you are making a move, you need to project some of your needs to the future…not just next month.  Planning ahead can eliminate additional moves down the road.

If your children or other family members are in other parts of the country, you might want to consider a move closer to them.  (Keep in mind that corporations are mobile today.  If your children  move every few years, this might not be the best idea for you.)

Downsizing can mean a move into a smaller house, condo, an apartment, a retirement community, a senior’s residence, an assisted living facility or other.  You and your family must decide what will work best for you in this move.

Here are some other questions to ask yourself when you are considering a move:

  1.  Do I need a first floor (no steps) location?
  2.  Do I need a handicapped accessible place?
  3.  Do I need assistance with any daily living activities?  (bathing,  dressing, medications, toileting?)
  4.  Do I need at least some meals provided?
  5.  Do I need a place for my car?
  6.  Do I need something on a bus line or with transportation provided?
  7.  Do I need a place that will accept pets?
  8.  Do I need something near?  (grocery, pharmacy, church, doctor, therapy, bank, etc.?)
  9.  Do I want someplace that offers some social activities?
  10.  Do I want a place with minimal maintenance/upkeep?
  11.  Do I want a place with a yard, patio, porch, etc.?
  12.  Do I want to: own, rent, partially own.?
  13.  Would adult day care provide the daytime assistance I need?
  14.  What other factors should I consider in looking for a new home?

As you contemplate a possible move and consider these questions – be honest with yourself and face the realities that might necessitate a move to make your life easier.

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