Sep, 2012

Senior Downsizing: 6 Indicators That You Have TOO MUCH STUFF

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senior downsizingAs a Senior I suspect that you already know if you’ve got too much stuff lying around or need to downsize your home, but here are some senior downsizing indicators to help you make your decision.

Senior Downsizing Indicators

  1. When I go to hang up a shirt or blouse in the closet I have to push aside the other clothes to make space.
  2.   I can’t see the floor in my closets.
  3.   At least one bedroom has been turned into a storage area.
  4.   We rent storage space or have filled a small shed.
  5.   We have at least two empty bedrooms that are seldom used.
  6.   We can’t put our vehicles in the garage because we use it for storage.

Small Steps When Senior Downsizing

Whether it is freeing up some space where you live or getting ready to make a move – be honest with yourself and go for it!  You can do it – one small step at a time!

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